Leasing possibilities

There are currently many leasing space options available. In all cases the spaces are light and bright, enjoying high ceilings and a solid industrial aesthetic. The uniform floor plan and repetitive structure allow for almost infinite possibilities when it comes to the size of the leasing area (the four examples above show spaces from 163m2 to 2182m2). In addition, a whole floor could be leased, providing more than 4000m2 on a single level of the building.

"Merikortteli is about getting the best of both worlds - a majestic old and sturdy building with the comforts of a well-executed modernisation."

Tiia Popovic, Communictions & Marketing, Kaffa Roastery

The example layout below shows how the building lends itself perfectly to a modern ‘smart office’ solution comprising of non-designated open-plan work-stations and zones suitable for focused work and team-work, as well as encouraging the free-exchange of information between colleagues and well- being at the work place.

A Reception lobby and visitor area
B High-focus zone
C Medium-focus zone
D Touch-down table
E Discussion room
F Social kitchen
G Print zone
H Phone rooms
J Innovation space
K Discussion room
L Video conference room
M Lounge, showroom or ancillary work zone

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